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CobraCrane 1X - 8 Foot Camera Jib

MSRP: $229.00
Price: $212.00
You Save: $17.00 (7 %)
Item Number: 5385
Manufacturer: Cobra Crane
Manufacturer Part No: CC1X

Single Arm Steel Cranes for cameras up to 6.5lbs. (3kg.)

Get the Money Shot Now!

In the past those special shots that really made the movie were only done with large, heavy, expensive dolly and crane systems with teams of people to operate them. Now you can make the same moves, provide the same dramatic shots and make a more memorable event for a mere fraction of the cost. For over 17 years, CobraCranes have been providing professionals with the freedom to radically express themselves, without blowing the whole budget. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Various lengths to meet your need and budget

Our single arm CobraCrane camera jibs come in 5 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot lengths, and are ideal for DSLRs and camcorders up to 3 kilograms (6.5lbs.). This weight is inclusive of batteries, lights, lenses and any other device mounted to the camcorder. The CobraCrane camera jib systems are compatible with virtually all handheld palmcorders, most 3 chip handheld camcorders and most DSLR applications.  A heavy duty 10 foot jib is available featuring various pivot points, heavier axles and chain and sprocket tiltilng.  This system is ideal for folks using longer, heavier lenses.

everything fits in the optional padded backpack bag

Easy to Transport, Easy to Store, Easy to Use.

The single arm CobraCrane 1 camera jib is generally a lighter crane than the corresponding dual arm units, making them easier to transport and store, so easy in fact they can easily be transported by one person. An optional padded carry bag / backpack is available and makes it even easier to transport while providing excellent protection for your investment.

Single arm CobraCranes and BackPackers support a wide range of professional, handheld, broadcast cameras

Boom, Swing, Tilt and optional Pan

The CobraCrane 1 camera jib can boom as low as ground level and as high as 4 meters with the CobraCrane 1PLUS camera jib. The CobraCrane 1X camera jib can reach 3.38 meters and the CobraCrane 1 camera jib (cc1) can reach 2.46 meters on a 5 foot tripod. So you can easily see over the fence or over the tree. All CobraCrane camera jibs can swing a full 360 degrees, so you can shoot magnificent panoramas, dramatic openings, and suspenseful swings. With the optional cable operated Panhead, you can reposition the camera 90 degrees left and right of center.

Smooth as silk Manual and Static Tilt.

Along with static tilting where the camera can always be set vertically (or any other angle) all CobraCrane 1 camera jib systems can manually tilt the camera up to 60 degrees back and 90 degrees forward. The tilt is controlled by the tilt handle and benefits from the drag and dampening of the existing fluid head. Since the tilt is completely dampened or dragged from your head, you get a nice smooth tilt exactly like you were tilting on your fluid head tripod. This is one of the main benefits over systems with handle / rod controlled tilting systems. When mounting your camera 90 degrees off center, cool dutch rolls can be achieved.

Accessories to enhance your work

All CobraCrane 1 camera jib systems are compatible with our lightweight cable operated PanHead systems that can quickly and easily reposition the camera in a panning motion 180 degrees. (90 degrees left and right of center). A variety of monitoring options are available as well as LANC controllers. We offer a neat tracking dolly to add the next dimension of cinematography to your crane. Swapping cameras amongst CobraCrane camera jibs and SteadyTrackers is easy with our 577 / 501 compatible quick release plate kits.

The CobraCrane 1 camera jib is our standard single bar crane. With the ability to boom a camera weighing up to 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds), the CobraCrane 1 camera jib can reach up to 244cm (8 feet) above the ground (on a 150cm / 5 foot Tripod) and can go as low as ground level, offering incredible performance at a very competitive price. This kit includes a 3 foot extension piece. 

The CobraCrane 1 camera jib can be extended 91cm (3 feet) with the included extension kits; which includes everything you need so you would have both a 5 foot (152cm) and a 8 foot (244cm) crane. The CobraCrane 1 camera jib has three inherent functions. They can boom your camera from the ground up to the maximum height of your crane tripod combination. CobraCrane camera jibs can smoothly swing the camera from the pan function of your tripod's fluid head and they can tilt the camera from any position within their swing or height arc. By taking advantage of any combination of those moves, CobraCrane camera jibs can significantly enhance the quality of your work, and exponentially raise the value of your presentation, thus creating greater earning potential. You will be able to create sweeping, captivating Hollywood moves without breaking the bank.

When you check out our videos you will instantly see the benefits of having a CobraCrane camera jib.

Features & Benefits:

 Durable Steel Construction.

• Single Person Transport, Setup, Operation.

• Built in Manual or Static Tilt.

• Easy to Use.

• Sets up in only a few minutes.

• Easily Transported and Stored.


• Actual Length: 152 or 244cm / 5 feet or 8 feet

• Length from Pivot: 90 or 180 cm / 3 feet or 6 feet

• Carry Weight: 6 kg / 13lbs

• Camera Capacity: 3 kg / 6.5lbs

What's Included:

• CobraCrane 1X – 5 foot / 8 foot dual arm camera Crane

• 2 Camera tilt cable assemblies

• Installation guide

*tripod and counter weights not included

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